SUEZ Aerial Inspection & PIT Video

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SUEZ contacted us with a rather unique request for their Energy from Waste facility in Huddersfield. As part of an Environment Agency report the facility needed video and stills of the waste pit, a large and deep area that is used for the storage of waste before it’s incinerated. Due to health and safety concerns sending people down into the pit to perform a structural integrity assessment is impossible. By using a drone to perform the inspection they were able to minimise risks and downtime for the plant.

We flew our drone in full manual mode (no GPS, ATTI Mode only) down into the pit and shot 4K video of the pit floor, completing the flight in just 10 mins. The site staff then swiftly put the pit back into use as can be seen above!

Whilst on site we also flew several inspection flights around the facility providing still images of various high level structures for SUEZ. You can find a small sample of these in the gallery above. Keep an eagle eye out for the Peregrine Falcon clinging on to the smoke stack!