3D Matterport Virtual Photography Service

3D capture of spaces providing a unique Matterport virtual tour experience. Doll House views, floorplans and more. We’re a professional Matterport photographer with over 13 years of experience in the VR industry.

3D Matterport Virtual Tours allow us to capture your space using 3D laser technology, building a tour that not only gives people a full walkthrough, but a unique 3D dollhouse view of a space. Perfect for small locations such as show homes, small stores and event spaces, these tours are hosted on Matterport servers and can be embedded on your own website and shared via social media, blogs and more.

Our Matterport virtual tour service involves the capture of 3D data, this data is used to build a unique 3D space that is accurate to within 1%. This data is then used to build a 3D dollhouse view that can be manipulated by the user and used to navigate all areas captured.

Shooting a Matterport virtual tour is quick and easy. We send a Matterport photographer to your location who uses specialist imaging equipment to capture all spaces needed for inclusion in the tour. Depending on the size of the location, this could take between 1 and 4 hours.

Once shot, the tour is constructed and uploaded to the Matterport servers. It then takes around 24 hours for the tour to be fully rendered, at which point you can embed the tour on your own website.

The many benefits of our Matterport capture services
Matterport virtual tours work best in smaller buildings such as show homes and other property. They are quick to scan and provide 3D 'dollhouse' views to allow the user to fully visualise the space. Unlike our Bespoke and Google tour options, Matterport virtual tour service come with a monthly hosting cost, so keep this in mind. Simply cancel your monthly hosting when you no longer need the tour.
Matterport virtual tours
UK Coverage
We can travel all over the UK to capture your spaces.
Matterport photographer
Dollhouse & floorplan views
Matterport virtual tours allow you to visualise a space using a 3D view of the property.
Matterport scan services
Quick turnaround
In most cases, your Matterport virtual tour can be online the same day.
Matterport service provider
Discounts for large, multi location clients
Your very own project manager and discounts for multiple locations means we're popular with developers.
Matterport virtual tour
Mattertags as standard
We can include 'tags' around your 3D space allowing you to add copy, images or video to describe features or benefits of the space.
Matterport service provider
3D Matterport scanning experts
Our Matterport photographers go above and beyond to make sure your space is scanned as accurately as possible, meaning no 'blackouts' in key areas of the building.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours FAQs

We’ve listed some of the most common questions our clients ask us. Your question not listed? Just give us a call or submit your question using the contact form at the end of the page. Remember, we also create Bespoke 360 virtual tours and Google Street View virtual tours.

A Mattertag is a virtual tag that can be added inside any 3D Matterport Virtual Tour to help communicate additional information and add context to specific locations, objects or features directly inside a 3D Virtual Tour. We include these free of charge for our projects! They can include copy, images or video.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours have a yearly hosting charge. This is between £50-100 dependant on your project.

The size of the space dictates the cost of a Matterport virtual tour. When asking for a quote please let us know the number of rooms you have, the amount of floors and if possible, the size of the floor space. If you have floor plans or architects drawings these are very helpful .

A 3 bedroom show home can take one of our Matterport photographers between 1-2 hours to capture. Large spaces may take multiple days, depending on the access and timescale available for shooting.

Just a single 3D scanning Matterport photographer is present at each Matterport shoot.

We recommend that Matterport virtual tours are scanned when no people are present. However, this doesn’t mean that people can’t be in a shot if this is unavoidable. We do strongly advise that people stay in their positions for the whole shoot if this is the case.

No, Matterport imagery cannot be edited to remove any items or blemishes that may be in view. We can blur content if this is required.

Most scans are uploaded to the Matterport servers just a few hours after the completion of the scan. It can the take up to 24 hours for the scan to be rendered and ready for sharing.

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