Guatemala & Kenya Photography for Climate Impact Partners


Climate Change is now one of the worlds biggest emergencies, with annual temperatures increasing at an unprecedented scale each year, companies are now more than ever looking at ways to target their carbon footprint. Climate Impact Partners help them facilitate this by funding projects around the world that help to reduce carbon emissions and provide a cleaner, better alternative for communities.

Our work for Climate Impact Partners originated in the Summer of 2022, where we visited projects in Guatemala and Kenya, documenting through the use of 360 video how these projects help both communities and the planet. Whilst capturing this 360 footage we also documented the trip using regular still imagery that could be used by Climate Impact Partners to further promote each scheme and provide a library of imagery to be used across various platforms.

Guatemala – Reducing carbon emissions through the supply of water filters

The burning of fossil fuels for the purpose of cooking and boiling water adds many tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. Our focus here was to capture a range of images showing various examples of wood stocks commonly used, plus the water filters in action.

Still photography

Kenya – Providing safe drinking water to communities

Much like the projects in Guatemala, part of the work in Kenya is also focused on the supply of safe drinking water to communities. This in turn helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels used to boil unsafe water and reduces the distances needed to travel to access water from streams and rivers.

The projects provided an incredible opportunity to capture the many good things being done worldwide to improve the lives of those who often suffer the most from todays climate issues. We look forward to seeing how these images, along with the incredible 360 videos filmed, are used to help spread the amazing work that Climate Impact Partners are involved in.