Schneider Electric Innovation Hub Showroom Virtual Tour

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Schneider Electric provide digital automation solutions for a wide range of industries, all over the world. A key tool in their marketing kit is the ability to show clients, in person, the solutions they offer. They do this through a number of Innovation Hubs, with Coventry hosting the UK version.

The Innovation Hub features displays and working examples of their energy and automation offerings, from software to working robotic sorting machines. Whilst being able to visit the hub in person is the preferred option, having an on-line showroom that takes you through the hub is a valuable tool. The tour starts from the outside of the hub and describes their electric charging products. The viewer can then proceed inside, where they are introduced to Martin Walder, UK & Ireland VP of Industry. From here you can move on to the next section and continue the tour.

Information points describe each area of the hub, with links for more information that take you to further parts of the Schneider website or on to YouTube for video content.

View the Innovation Hub virtual tour below, click ‘Start’ to begin your journey.