Interactive 360 moving video

360 moving video is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of new media. Being able to transport your viewers, in full 360 degrees, to anywhere in the world is an invaluable resource. Our 8K professional rig will record your experiences and allow you to tell your story in a captivating and engaging way.

360 Moving video filmed using our professional rigs – Showcase your business like never before.

We apply our 15 years of 360 degree experience to create 360 videos that can be used for advertising campaigns, location marketing, virtual reality applications and more. The possibilities are unlimited.

How you can use 360 Video

360 video is now fully supported across video hosting websites and social media. Use your professionally shot video on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and more to showcase your location and tell your stories.

Use VR headsets to further enhance the user experience by placing them ‘within’ the video. Google Cardboard and Meta headsets are supported by YouTube, allowing you to share your 360 video quickly and easily.

YouTube and Vimeo

YouTube and Vimeo both support the playback of 360 video, allowing you to share your 360 video experiences without the need for any headset. Share links and allow your viewers to interact with the experience through their browser or from within the YouTube app.

Meta Headsets

Meta produce high quality VR Headsets that allow the very best viewing experience. The quality is unrivalled, perfect for showcasing your location at trade shows or for mobile viewing on the go. The user can move their heads to move the tours and videos using the headsets in-built accelerometer.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard VR Headsets are a low cost way of allowing your viewers to experience the 360 video in true VR. Google Cardboard headsets are exactly that, made from cardboard that come flat packed or partially constructed that a phone can be placed within. These are perfect for trade shows or events where you can hand out branded headsets for visitors to keep.

Case Study – Climate Impact Partners

Read about our work with Climate Impact Partners, a project that took us to Guatemala and Kenya, shooting some of the incredible projects helping both local communities and reducing carbon emissions.

Climate Impact Partners work with companies around the world to help reduce carbon emissions through local projects, not just reducing emissions but helping local communities. These projects range from clean cooking solutions, solar power, and water filtration to reduce the need for burning fuels such as charcoal and wood.

The marketing team wanted a unique way to promote the work they do across the many projects they help fund, from Guatemala to Kenya, and 360 video was a natural choice. We spent 3 weeks travelling through both countries, capturing video from a range of settings.

Our 8K 360 video rig with professional sound capture, along with our dedicated team, captured some amazing footage, some of which can be seen in the video here. Best viewed via the YouTube app, this video was produced shortly after shooting to display at a Climate Impact event, with Google Cardboard headsets handed out to stand visitors.

Case Study – Fujitsu Global

Read about our work with Fujitsu Global, filming 360 video content over 8 international locations for their Global Delivery Centres. A project that took us to; Costa Rica, China, Poland, Portugal, India, Russia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

360 video allows an unprecedented amount of customer immersion, this is why Fujitsu approached us with an idea to capture 8 of their Global Delivery Centres (GDCs). Promoting these GDCs is not an easy task, how do you effectively show location to a client thousands of miles away in a manner that will interest and engage them?

Shooting 8 GDCs spread from Costa Rica to China is not a simple task. We worked with the Fujitsu marketing team to help them brief each GDC prior to our arrival. We handled all permits and travel arrangements and liaised with on site teams to ensure a smooth shoot, minimising disruption on site.

The end result was 8 expertly crafted 360 videos giving people a real insight into GDC locations and how they work. These videos provide the sales and marketing teams at Fujitsu with a unique tool for engagement.

360 Video Examples

Take a ride beside a Land Rover Defender in our 360 videos shot during a 4×4 off road ride on a Land Rover Experience track or experience a stunning rendition of ‘I’ve put a spell on you’ from the centre of a big band. For the ultimate VR experience view with your Google Cardboard or VR headset using the YouTube app.

What our clients think about our interactive 360 Video

We have shot in several countries for our work with Climate Impact Partners. Find out what they thought about working with us on this very special project.

It was my job to find a new and innovative way to tell the story of our projects and thanks to Matthew and our new 360 Videos, I’d say we have raised the bar to an entirely new level – I’m thrilled to see the idea come to life so well. We needed a way for our clients and colleagues to feel like they can visit a project location themselves, albeit remotely, to immerse in the sights, sounds, and story of the project. After researching a few different video storytelling options, none of which felt original or exciting, we came across 360 Video and felt it was the perfect way to replicate a project site visit for clients. We met with a few different 360 Video providers before deciding to work with Matthew and his team and we are so glad we chose him; it has been a great experience.

Tucker Marsano
Climate Impact Partners