Interactive 360 moving video

360 moving video is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of new media. Being able to transport your viewers, in full 360 degrees, to anywhere in the world is an invaluable resource.

360 Moving video filmed using our professional rigs – Showcase your business like never before.

We apply our decade of 360 degree experience to create 360 videos that can be used for advertising campaigns, location marketing, virtual reality applications and more. The possibilities are unlimited.

360 Video Examples

Take a ride beside a Land Rover Defender in our 360 videos shot during a 4×4 off road ride on a Land Rover Experience track or experience a stunning rendition of ‘I’ve put a spell on you’ from the centre of a big band. For the ultimate VR experience view with your Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR headsets using the YouTube app.

How you can use 360 Video

360 video is now fully supported across video hosting websites and social media. Use your professionally shot video on sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and more to showcase your location and tell your stories.

Use VR headsets to further enhance the user experience by placing them ‘within’ the video. Google Cardboard, Samsung VR and Oculus Rift headsets are supported by YouTube, making sharing your 360 video quick and easy.

Using VR

VR headsets allow you to view both 360 virtual tours and 360 video in true VR form, by projecting the images onto your eyes creating a very real feeling of ‘being there’. The tours are split into 2 separate feeds, one into each eye. There are currently 2 types of VR headset we support.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR is a high quality VR Headset that runs using Samsung’s smart phone devices. The quality is superb, perfect for showcasing your location at trade shows or for mobile viewing on the go. The user can move their heads to move the tours and videos using the phones in-built accelerometer!

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard VR Headsets work in a similar way to Samsung Gear VR, although the quality is less due to the different build. The Cardboard headsets are exactly that, made from cardboard that come flat packed or partially constructed. By inserting your smart phone and visiting your tours specific web page, the user is transformed to your location in complete virtual reality.

Case Study – Fujitsu Global

Read about our work with Fujitsu Global, filming 360 video content over 8 international locations for their Global Delivery Centres. A project that took us to; Costa Rica, China, Poland, Portugal, India, Russia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

360 video allows an unprecedented amount of customer immersion, this is why Fujitsu approached us with an idea to capture 8 of their Global Delivery Centres (GDCs). Promoting these GDCs is not an easy task, how do you effectively show location to a client thousands of miles away in a manner that will interest and engage them?

Shooting 8 GDCs spread from Costa Rica to China is not a simple task. We worked with the Fujitsu marketing team to help them brief each GDC prior to our arrival. We handled all permits and travel arrangements and liaised with on site teams to ensure a smooth shoot, minimising disruption on site.

The end result was 8 expertly crafted 360 videos giving people a real insight into GDC locations and how they work. These videos provide the sales and marketing teams at Fujitsu with a unique tool for engagement.