Barco 360 Virtual Tour, Kortrijk, Belgium

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When UK based distributer Midwich first approached us with an idea to capture one of their electronics clients’ European showrooms, we had no idea the end result would be this impressive. Barco NV is a Belgian technology company that specialises in digital projection and imaging technology, focusing on three core markets: entertainment, enterprise, and healthcare. Midwich were keen to promote both the scale and beauty of the building along with the many product demonstration areas within.

The building itself is a key feature and something that sets Barco apart from its competition, capturing this from the air was an important part of the project and helped create the unique and engaging introduction scene. From the air, the user is transported to ground level where the tour begins. Within the building you can choose to visit a number of product showrooms; from a fully functioning control room to the stunning cinema room, packed with the latest commercial projectors.

Information points are situated in key areas of the tour describing the products being viewed, all designed using Barco branding, from colours to fonts. Take a look at the Barco virtual tour below, make sure you pay a visit to the cinema, one of our favourite parts of the tour.