Loomis Virtual Product 360 Showcase – Dunstable Customer Experience Centre

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Loomis approached us requiring a new way of providing access to their Customer Experience Centre in Dunstable. Whilst still in demand for in person tours, the cash handling company recognised that not all potential customers are in a position to visit in person, and a virtual version was needed.

Having seen 360 virtual tours before, they were keen to expand on the idea of 360 imagery with extensive information points, added imagery and links to downloadable PDF documents. We spent a day on site, using the first hour to do an extensive walk around with the Loomis team, discussing each area in detail and how the information points would be positioned. We then photographed each area of the Experience Centre, ready for post production back in the studio.

Once each 360 scene had been produced we began an extensive editing process, removing items the Loomis team didn’t want in the final tour (such as product posters, stickers on items and loose wires). ¬†We then added the information they required in the form of slide out information panels with links to further product pages and downloadable PDF’s.