Xaverian College 360 Campus Tour, Manchester

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Xaverian College is a Roman Catholic College that dates back to 1862, when the Xaverian Brothers opened the doors to the original college building on Oxford Road, Manchester. The current site sits on the once named Victoria Park, a wonderful gated green space with a number of modern and traditional buildings.

The college approached us requiring a virtual tour encompassing a number of spaces spread over the large campus site. We shot an aerial 360 scene from 400ft, allowing us to identify all ground based scenes, showing their relation to each other and helping to ‘set the scene’. Key areas have also been tagged on the aerial shot showing how close the college is in relation to train stations, hospitals, attractions and local Manchester suburbs.

Information points on each scene help to describe the spaces being viewed, and the tour is nicely wrapped up in a branded tour interface, ensuring it sits perfectly on the Xaverian College website.

View the Xaverian College virtual campus tour below –