Premier League Virtual Tours


20 stadiums and over 550 scenes, our largest project yet.

In August 2011 we were approached by the Premier League to produce virtual tours of all 20 Premier League Clubs. In order to give fans the most comprehensive feel of each ground, the aim was to create 360 degree scenes from multiple spots in and around each stadium. We began shooting in September under a tight deadline to have the tours ready for the launch of the re-designed Premier League website. Needless to say we completed all stadium shoots within the set timescales and delivered one of our most ambitious projects to date.

Each stadium tour features around 30 individual scenes all brought together by an easy to use navigation button, giving the visitor an overview of the stadium via a Google Maps screenshot. From there the visitor can choose to navigate around the stands, see an executive box, check the view from centre circle or take a look around the outside of the ground. There is even an opportunity to see places that fans don’t normally have access to like the tunnel and dressing rooms.

The tours are particularly useful for overseas supporters. Now football fans from all over the world can get a feel for their favourite club and its surroundings, something that just isn’t possible with standard images.