Imperial College London – ATLAS Facility 360 Virtual Tour

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Nestled in the heart of the Faculty of Engineering at Imperial College London, the ATLAS facility (Automated High-throughput Platform Suite) stands as a beacon of cutting-edge research. Specializing in clean energy materials, polymer manufacturing, new medicines, and molecular and process modeling, ATLAS represents the forefront of scientific exploration.

Recently, the ATLAS team reached out with a unique challenge: to find an innovative way to showcase their facility and its diverse array of equipment to both internal and external stakeholders. A virtual tour emerged as the perfect solution, offering users the opportunity to digitally “walk through” the lab and gain insight into its groundbreaking work and advanced machinery.

In the fast-paced environment of the ATLAS lab, time is precious. We wasted no time capturing the essence of the lab with 360-degree imagery, spending just an hour on site. Each image was meticulously edited to ensure it accurately represented the lab’s dynamic atmosphere.

Using our own tour builder platform, we seamlessly integrated the imagery into the virtual tour, incorporating Imperial and ATLAS branding colours for a polished look on their website. Our clients gained full control over the project, with the ability to add and edit Hotspots describing lab equipment and processes. As the lab evolves, so can the tour, with Hotspots easily updated to reflect new developments. That’s the power of our flexible and innovative platform.