Fujitsu Global Delivery Centre 360 Videos


360 video allows an unprecedented amount of customer immersion, this is why Fujitsu approached us with an idea to capture 8 of their Global Delivery Centres (GDCs). Promoting these GDCs is not an easy task, how do you effectively show location to a client thousands of miles away in a manner that will interest and engage them?

Shooting 8 GDCs spread from Costa Rica to China is not a simple task. We worked with the Fujitsu marketing team to help them brief each GDC prior to our arrival. We handled all permits and travel arrangements and liaised with on site teams to ensure a smooth shoot, minimising disruption on site.

The end result was 8 expertly crafted 360 videos giving people a real insight into GDC locations and how they work. These videos provide the sales and marketing teams at Fujitsu with a unique tool for engagement.

Thank You for the great work you did with the 360 videos and for your professionalism, flexibility and availability throughout the project. It was a pleasure to work with you and the end result has been fantastic – M Branco, Fujitsu

Due to security reasons, we can’t show you the actual 360 videos. We have however been allowed to show you the promotional standard video we produced for Fujitsu to help promote the sales tools internally throughout the Fujitsu global network.