Crosfields School Interactive Campus Tour

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Step into the heart of Crosfields School with our latest virtual tour in the academic sector. The Crosfields virtual tour unfolds a tapestry of learning spaces, from well-equipped science labs to vibrant art studios, providing a glimpse into the school’s dedication to providing an enriching environment for students.

Navigate through 360-degree views of classrooms, sports facilities, and recreational areas, offering an authentic feel of the school’s vibrant atmosphere. Information hotspots provide valuable insights into the school’s philosophy, curriculum, and extracurricular activities, ensuring that every visitor gains a comprehensive understanding of Crosfields’ unique educational approach.

Users can navigate the spaces via an on-screen navigation menu, instantly allowing them to move between spaces that interest them the most. We also included their illustrated campus map, providing a fantastic secondary form of navigation and giving users a real sense of space and scale.