#Shapeyourstory – Barts Health NHS Critical Care Campaign


Barts Health NHS Trust run 5 hospitals throughout the City of London and East London. We were approached by the advertising company SBW to help them create a set of virtual tours to help support their #Shapeyourstory recruitment campaign.

SBW were keen to expand the recruitment campaign from simple imagery in order to create a real lasting impression amongst potential new recruits. We shot at 4 Barts Health hospitals, covering Critical Care Units, staff rest rooms and gardens and other key areas of interest. As we were shooting in busy wards, speed and efficiency was extremely important. Our team were able to shoot and complete each area in just a few minutes, leaving little impact on the operation.

Each hospital tour was designed to their respective branding guidelines, using colours to match each locations section of the Barts Health website. We have selected a small snapshot of the project below, a selection of scenes from 4 of the hospitals shot.