Introducing Pxlbake – A clean, fast, and feature rich way to manage your bespoke virtual tour

Pxlbake puts the power in your hands. Edit and add to your bespoke virtual tour at any time, and gain valuable user insights with built in analytics.

Pxlbake is our cutting-edge virtual tour builder that empowers you to manage immersive and professional virtual tour experiences effortlessly.

What sets Pxlbake apart is its intuitive project editor, allowing you to change all aspects of your virtual tour whenever required. It’s easy to update 360-degree images, fine-tune hotspot content, or play around with customisation settings in real-time. You can even delve into project analytics, giving amazing insights into how your tour is being used.

The platform allows for easy customisation of interface colours and offers the flexibility to set custom fonts from the Google Font library. This allows you to maintain a consistent brand identity and further personalise your projects.

Whether showcasing property, museums, schools, or travel destinations, Pxlbake enables you to manage engaging virtual tours that captivate audiences.

The benefits of our Pxlbake virtual tour editor
In early 2023, we set about developing one of the most powerful virtual tour tools available. Our aim was simple; giving users the ability to edit any aspect of their bespoke virtual tour with ease, whilst also giving users the features we felt were lacking from other providers.
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Complete control
With Pxlbake, you have control over all aspects of your virtual tour. Add and edit unlimited hotspots to your scenes and add more 360 images when you need to expand your virtual tour.
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Expertly designed UI/UX
We worked with UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) experts to ensure both editor and tour output is intuitive and easy to use.
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It's fast, really fast!
With image compression and hosting via AWS (Amazon Web Services), each tour loads and performs brilliantly, no matter your web speeds.
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Built by virtual tour experts
We put our decades of experience in creating virtual tours to ensure all the features you need are included.
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Analytics built in
See how users are interacting with your virtual tours, down to the last click. Make constant improvements to ensure a tour that's always relevant.
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With accessibility features built in, Pxlbake allows users to increase font size, switch contrast and even switch to a dyslexic friendly font.
The Pxlbake process
To start your Pxlbake journey, the first step involves commissioning a 360 photo shoot. We use our decades of experience in creating amazing 360 imagery to capture your location, then edit these to ensure the very best quality. We then build your tour and give you access to your very own dashboard, where you can manage your bespoke virtual tour.
Get in touch to book a virtual tour shoot. We'll spend some time getting to know your location and your aims for the tour, then get a date in the diary to capture your imagery.
We shoot and process your images ready for the build. Each image undergoes several editing processes to ensure a seamless, beautiful set of 360 scenes.
We add each 360 image into the Pxlbake platform and make sure the navigation and branding styles are setup as per your needs. At this point we can either add in your hotspot content for you, or leave this for you to do at your pace.
Publish & Share
Once you're happy with your tour, you can publish and share with your audience. With your own dashboard and editor access, you can fine tune any aspect when needed.
Bespoke virtual tour examples made using our Pxlbake builder

View a selection of virtual tours built using Pxlbake, from hospitals to the amazing Airbus Wing Integration Centre.

With Pxlbake you can add, edit, and delete your hotspots all from within your project editor. Pxlbake allows you to add simple text, images, galleries, PDF downloads, YouTube videos, URL links, and iFrame code with ease. Navigation Hotspots also allow you to link between 360 and regular images to create walk throughs.

Pxlbake allows you to customise your project colour scheme to create a virtual tour that matches your own brand colours. You can set separate colours for all aspects of the tour overlay. You can also set a custom font using the Google font database, with 1000s of options available.

Pxlbake automatically builds a navigation list containing all your 360 scenes for the project. You can specify which scenes are displayed, change the order of the scenes as they appear, and also build sub menus to better organise larger projects. With the navigation hotspot you can link between scenes in the virtual tour, perfect for creating walk-throughs.

Our platform allows you to create multiple published/active projects and have an unlimited amount of un-published projects. You can duplicate projects at the touch of a button, which is particularly useful if you want to use the same imagery but change the hotspot information to target your various customer bases.

Photographers and agencies can also use our platform for creating virtual tours for their own clients. Each project can be managed easily from the Dashboard.

The collaborator tool allows you to share a project with another individual. You simply add their email as a collaborator on the specific project you want them to have access to, and they will receive an email with a sign-up link. They will then have access to the project and can edit any aspect. This is perfect for those creating virtual tours for others, and those who wish to share a project with someone else in their organisation.

Built in analytics allow you to see how your project is being used. See information on total views, individual scene views and hotspot clicks, all from within your dashboard. This allows you to gather insightful data and see how users are interacting with your tour and make changes based on its use. Got an important scene that isn't being looked at? Try changing its position on the menu to make it stand out or change its name and see if that effects its viewing numbers.

With Pxlbake, accessibility is built into each and every project. The user has options to change font size, spacing, switch to high contrast, and switch to a dyslexic friendly font for Hotspot text.

You can share your virtual tour projects in 2 ways. Use the supplied embed code to include it within your website, or use the projects unique URL to share in emails and socials.