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Luxury Cottages offer some of the UK’s most luxuries properties for holiday rentals. They pride themselves on exceptional property photography when advertising for their home owners, so we were proud to be given the task of photographing one of their new cottages in Dulverton, Somerset.

Leatside Cottage is a magical 2 bed property that oozes charm and warmth, something the team at Luxury Cottages were keen to capture. We spent the day capturing imagery that focused on the intimate spaces with warm country tones a major feature of the style of imagery chosen. A range of detail and wide angle positions were shot, giving the team lots of options when selecting the perfect images for the properties featured webpage.

Each image went through a rigorous editing process back at the studio, removing items such as plugs and trailing leads so not to distract from the features of the home. As the property was shot in Winter, careful positioning of the camera had to come into play to avoid the harsh light streaming through windows due to the height of the sun in the sky.

The team at Luxury Cottages were delighted with the end results, as were we. You can view a selection of the final shots in the gallery, at the top of this post.