Positive Steps Nursery Virtual Tour

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What better way to market your location and build trust in your business?

The first few weeks of 2012 have brought a fair few enquiries from Children’s Nurseries, so now feels like the perfect time to tell you about the Positive Steps virtual tour, which has just gone live on their website.

We were contacted by Positive Steps as they had recognised the need to be able to show parents and guardians what their nurseries have to offer, and saw it as a great opportunity to help build trust in their brand. ┬áBeing able to show people a 360 degree view inside one of their locations not only gives their website a great feature, but enables them to provide a ‘virtual’ walk around for those that aren’t able to make it for a tour in person. ┬áTo make it even easier for the nursery to publish online, they asked us to host it for them, providing them with a quick and easy link to use on their website and email campaigns.

Produced in both Flash and HTML5, you can take a wonder around the nursery on your PC, MAC, laptop, netbook or tablet/mobile.