Little Moreton Hall Virtual Tour iPad Display


We were contacted by CDA in Manchester to provide an offline virtual tour for the National Trust property Little Moreton Hall. The brief required a tour purpose built for the new iPad Air, retina ready and built within the constraints of the iPads dimensions.

Access to the upper floor of this Trust property is only possible via a small and winding staircase and this makes it difficult for guests with disabilities to view. Working with CDA we produced an iPad powered virtual tour that gives viewers the ability to view the upper level of the house from an installed display on the lower floor.

The tour was constructed for the retina screen of the iPad Air, making sure it looks crisp and clear on the display. Information points and floor plans were produced large enough for easy navigation using your finger and spaced with touch screens in mind. The design follows the National Trust Little Moreton Hall guidelines and fits in perfectly with the rest of the educational displays.

The best way to view the tour is to visit Little Moreton and see it in action, or you can view the tour on your own iPad (retina preferably) by clicking on the link below