Landal Rabbit Hill Virtual Tour, Nr Apeldoorn, Netherlands

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Discover all that Landal Rabbit hill has to offer; both on park and further afield in their multi language 360 virtual tour.

Landal Rabbit Hill sits within the Apeldoorn area of the Netherlands, an area rich with both history and nature. We were tasked by Landal Netherlands to shoot both aerial and ground based 360 virtual tours across 12 different areas around the park and 4 local attractions including the charming town of Apeldoorn, Apenheul Zoo, Radio Kootwijk and the De Hoge Veluwe National Park.

Shooting took place over 3 days and we collaborated with a local licensed drone pilot to capture the aerial imagery we needed. Back at the studio we stitched, edited and constructed the tour whilst adding custom information points, aerial map pointers and a multi language selector.

Multi Langauge Options

This isn’t the first tour in which we’ve included multiple language options into a virtual tour, we did the same with our project for Eurostar, in which we included French and English language options. As Landal would be promoting the Rabbit Hill location across a number of European countries, they required all text to be translated into English, Dutch and German. We built in a discreet language button that allowed the user to select the most appropriate language for them.