Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker


Take a virtual journey into this unique Essex visitor attraction…

Deep in the heart of the Essex countryside, Kelvedon Hatch is a bunker with a difference.  Originally built in the 1950’s to serve as a ROTOR (an early air defence radar system) station,  it’s role was later changed to a Regional Seat of Government (RSG) designed to hold civil and military personnel in the event of a nuclear strike against the UK.

The bunker is built 125ft into the ground and covers 3 floors, with each floor containing a range of facilities.  From a government control room, to an emergency BBC broadcasting studio and even an infirmary, the bunker could have sustained life for up to 3 months.   From this bunker senior government ministers and possibly even the Prime Minister would be tasked with organising the survival of the population.

We wanted to create a virtual tour skin that would not interfere with the locations and scenes being shown, so we stripped everything our normal virtual tours have out of the design and started a fresh skin.  A textured paper effect image was used as the background for the tour buttons and the navigation menu, adding to the retro feel of the tour.  As an extra touch, we even integrated a ‘4 minute warning’ siren that can be played throughout the tour to add to the atmosphere of the bunker.

Navigating the tour can be done in two ways, either by following the small hotlink icons on the floor of each scene or by using the navigation menu to switch quickly to other areas of the bunker.