Kelmscott Manor Kiosk 360 Virtual Tour

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Kelmscott Manor dates back to the late 16th century, originally built by local Cotswolds farmer, Thomas Turner. After being in the Turner family for several generations, it was eventually bought by the writer, designer, and activist William Morris, who lived in the property with his wife, Jane Morris, until his death in 1896.

The Manor is now owned and maintained by The Society of Antiquities, who wonderfully restored both the interior and exterior after taking ownership in the 1960s. The manor still features many of Turner’s original furniture, decor, and textiles, that can be viewed across all 3 floors, including the unique attic spaces that would have once housed local farm hands.

The team at Kelmscott approached us requiring a kiosk enabled virtual tour that could be used as an accessibility tool for those unable to get to higher floors. We shot throughout the whole Manor, creating a fantastic walk-through into every room open to the public, and incorporated large fonts and easy to use menus to aid those with poorer eyesight read the many descriptions on the history and items within each space.

The function of the tour isn’t just limited to kiosk use on site, but will also be used as a marketing tool, further promoting the location to both visitors and those looking to hire the space for filming or events.

You can view the Kelmscott Manor virtual tour below, or use this link to open the tour within a full browser window.