Hollow Art Installation VR 360 Virtual Tour

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‘Hollow’ is a unique art installation created by Scottish artist Katie Paterson. 10,000 unique tree samples combine to create a visually stunning space, each piece with it’s own history to tell. Hello Monday, a New York and Copenhagen based design agency, tasked us with shooting a fully spherical 360 scene shot from within Hollow itself.

Not only was the internal space confined, poor lighting means we had to do some very interesting workarounds in order to bring out the colours, textures and shadows. Shooting in multiple exposures gave us the flexibility in post production to bring out the wide variety of wood shades. On location, a small but powerful LED light rig allowed us to cast some interesting shadows, helping to emphasise the many individual blocks of wood that go into this 10,000 piece structure.

You can take a look at the Hollow virtual tour below –