Heathrow Airport T5 Virtual Tours

Heathrow Airport turns to 360’s to help sell unique advertising spaces.

This is the second time we’ve helped the commercial team at Heathrow Airport showcase their unique advertising and experiential spaces. Our most recent project saw us produce 3 simple virtual tours that help to convey the size and scope of their ‘tower’ advertising screens.

The ‘towers’, situated within Heathrow Terminal 5, form a major architectural feature of the building and are visible from nearly every public area of the terminal. Our tours allow you to virtually stand within the spaces the towers cover, helping convey the vast size and exposure the advertising screens capture.

The tours are produced in both Flash and HTML5 for almost 100% coverage, and we also host the tours on behalf of Heathrow. We also used our small URL service to produce a unique easy to share URL they can pass to potential advertisers and sponsors – http://360tour.co/t5towers.