Virtual Tour FAQs & Pricing

Our virtual tours combine expert production and class leading features. We combine this with excellent value for money. Below you can find out average costs for all our virtual tour services.

We’ve also collected a few of the most common questions people have when it comes to our virtual tours. Your question not answered? Just let us know, and we may even add it to our FAQs.

How much will your project cost?

Our virtual tours are excellent value for money. We don’t claim to be the cheapest, but our experience spans many years, combining excellent imagery with professional execution.

Below we’ve outlined average costs for all 3 of our products to help you plan for your project. We can also fine tune our quotes to fit in with your budget, so it’s always a good idea to reach out and find out more.

The larger the space being shot, the higher the final costs. We also build in significant discounts for multi location projects. Our project manager, Gemma, is always on hand to co-ordinate logistics and diaries across your locations.

Bespoke Virtual Tours

£500 – £2000+

  • Our highest quality virtual tour, with each 360 scene edited to ensure the very best representation of your spaces
  • Shot by award winning photographers
  • Designed around your requirements; we can add floor plans and create interactive maps to further enhance the virtual tour
  • Information points included; add text, still images, audio, and video to each 360 scene to make your tour stand out
  • Combined with pxlbake, our virtual tour builder, we give you full control over your project to edit/adapt when needed
  • Drone 360 scenes can be added as the ideal starting point to your tour

Google Street View Virtual Tours

£250 – £750

  • High resolution 360 imagery shot throughout all areas of your location, creating a full walk-through
  • Shot by award winning photographers
  • As a Google Trusted agency, we construct your Google Street View tour and upload it to Street View in as little as 24-48 hours
  • Gain extra exposure from Google Maps, whilst being able to embed the tour on your own website
  • Priced based on the size of the area you want to capture

Matterport 3D Scanned Virtual Tours

£250 – £1000

  • We use the latest scanning equipment to produce an accurate digital twin of your space
  • Shot by award winning photographers
  • Each area of your location is scanned allowing a full walk-through in each area of the building
  • Matterport’s unique ‘Doll-House’ view allows users to rotate and manipulate the building
  • Priced based on the size of the building being captured

Bespoke Virtual Tours FAQs

We're CAA licensed and fully insured for our drone flights and we do this in house, with no 3rd party operators. We adhere to the law, which means we perform a risk assessment before any drone flight. There are certain restrictions when it comes to drone flights so please include the address of the location being captured when asking for a quote.

Information points are interactive elements we can add to your tours that contain additional still imagery, copy, video or URL links to other parts of the tour or your website. These can be small and succinct, or more advanced and packed full of information on the area being viewed. You can add multiple information points to each 360 scene and edit these from your own project dashboard.

It takes our professional photographers 1-2 minutes to shoot an individual 360 scene. This does not include the time it takes to ensure the area is ready for shooting. This may include moving chairs or furniture, clearing any boxes or storage away and removing personal items rom the area. We provide you with a preparation guide before each shoot takes place.

Absolutely. Your tours can either be free of people, focusing on the spaces themselves, or packed full of your staff, students, scientists or even animals! We will provide you with the best advice dependant on the setting of each area.

Yes, we can. As standard we remove blemishes such as floor stains and wall scrapes/scuffs. We blur out information you may not want to display and can even remove pictures or posters that you didn't take down on the day of shooting. For a small fee we can even perform complex edits such as removing large items from a room or removing vehicles from external shots. Our most complex edit performed to date included removing scaffolding from a building and adding in windows to match the rest of the facility!

This is very much dependant on the size and complexity of the virtual tour. Small projects can be completed in as little as 2-3 working days. Large projects may take 1-2 weeks. We can also work to your deadlines, so be sure to let us know what these are before project commencement.


Google Street View Virtual Tours FAQs

No, each Google Street View tour is hosted on Google Maps, and don't have any additional monthly hosting costs.

The size of the space dictates the cost of a Google Street View virtual tour. When asking for a quote please let us know the number of rooms you have, the amount of floors and if possible, the size of the floor space. If you have floor plans or architects drawings these are very helpful .

This depends on the size of the building being captured. A small high street shop could take our Google virtual tour photographer just 30 minutes to shoot, however a large venue could take multiple hours. For our Google Street View virtual tours we take an individual 360 scene every 10-15ft giving a full walk-through. The larger the building, grounds or venue, the longer it takes to complete the shoot.

Just a single Google virtual tour photographer is present when we shoot our Google Street View virtual tours.

Absolutely. Your tours can either be free of people, focusing on the spaces themselves, or packed full of your staff, students, scientists or even animals! We will provide you with the best advice dependant on the setting of each area.

Most Google Street View virtual tours are uploaded to Google Maps 24-48 hours after shooting. It then takes up to 24 hours for the tour to fully 'connect' on Street View.


Matterport Virtual Tours FAQs

A Mattertag is a virtual tag that can be added inside any 3D Matterport Virtual Tour to help communicate additional information and add context to specific locations, objects or features directly inside a 3D Virtual Tour. We include these free of charge for our projects! They can include copy, images or video.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours have a yearly hosting charge. This is between £50-100 dependant on your project.

The size of the space dictates the cost of a Matterport virtual tour. When asking for a quote please let us know the number of rooms you have, the amount of floors and if possible, the size of the floor space. If you have floor plans or architects drawings these are very helpful .

A 3 bedroom show home can take one of our Matterport photographers between 1-2 hours to capture. Large spaces may take multiple days, depending on the access and timescale available for shooting.

Just a single 3D scanning Matterport photographer is present at each Matterport shoot.

We recommend that Matterport virtual tours are scanned when no people are present. However, this doesn’t mean that people can’t be in a shot if this is unavoidable. We do strongly advise that people stay in their positions for the whole shoot if this is the case.

No, Matterport imagery cannot be edited to remove any items or blemishes that may be in view. We can blur content if this is required.

Most scans are uploaded to the Matterport servers just a few hours after the completion of the scan. It can the take up to 24 hours for the scan to be rendered and ready for sharing.


View a snapshot of incredible feedback we've had from clients over the last few years. We pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction, often going above and beyond to ensure the very best results.

We were thrilled with Matthew’s work in creating stunning 360 virtual tours across all three of our sites at The Perse School. The 360 tours created a real buzz around the school and have provided a brilliant tool in marketing The Perse to prospective parents and pupils. Not only is Matthew a consummate professional, he is also friendly, polite and great to work with.

360 Virtual Tours has given our school website an edge that others don’t have. I have been able to hold virtual tours and share the 360 tour with prospective parents as I walked virtually around our school with them. I subsequently had lots of positive feedback about how great it was for them to be able to go back to the tour time and again with their children to revisit the areas and use the information points to see what learning took place there. All in all the team at 360virtualtours were magnificent. Communication was flawless and the end product speaks for itself.

My company has used 360 Virtual Tours for filming at 12 of our properties. The service is friendly, professional and the virtual tours are of the highest quality. I’m very happy to recommend them.

We were very impressed at how 360 Virtual Tours were able to bring our exhibition and laboratories to life. The process was very smooth and all done remotely from taking the photos, to designing the layout and style, and to incorporating our edits. 360 Virtual Tours comes with our highest recommendation. The result is a polished, dynamic, and immersive experience!

The team at 360 Virtual tours were outstanding from the get-go! This was our first venture into 360 virtual tours and I spoke with a few companies before I found Matt and Mark and I immediately knew I found the company I wanted to work with. They explained the process well from the outset, were patient with our team’s questions and left everybody confident with the next steps. The final piece was delivered on time, on budget and far exceeded our expectations.

From start to finish, 360 Virtual Tours have been a dream to work with! A very professional and friendly service – we are delighted with the result. Matthew was extremely prompt in responding to our enquiry and we would highly recommend them to any organisation looking for a high quality virtual tour.

Aaron Mason
Digital Engagement and Marketing Executive at The Perse School
Annie Knoupe
Whitstable Junior School
David Fairley
Signature Care Homes
Dr Vanderslott
University of Oxford
Lee Hunt
Cox Powertrain
Sophie Hayton
Giggleswick School