Cranedale Centre Virtual Tour

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New walkthrough style virtual tour for North Yorkshire’s Cranedale Centre.

The Cranedale Centre is a residential fieldstudies centre providing high quality, academic, fieldcourses for British and overseas students based in Malton, North Yorkshire.  They approached us wanting to create a walk through style tour to help promote their learning courses and facilities online.

They required a simple to use and intuitive tour that allowed students to view their working environment from anywhere in the world at any time. Many of Cranedale’s students and teachers come from abroad so the virtual tour would play an important part in bringing in new business.

We designed a tour that allowed the user to navigate around the centre using floating navigation links, taking the viewers from room to room. Information boxes give a summary of the scenes being viewed and can be toggled on and off for an even clearer view of an area. The tour was produced using the Cranedale’s branding and fits perfectly within their site, as seen below!