During COVID-19 we have continued to supply our amazing imagery to clients throughout the UK & Northern Ireland. Being able to give your customers a ‘virtual’ visit is by far the safest option for those who are high risk and for those locations where restrictions on visits are in place.

Find out what we do to make sure everyone on a shoot is as safe as possible.

Shoots and COVID-19 Restrictions

Even during the toughest lockdowns we can still shoot both still photography and virtual tour photography whilst adhering to all guidance. We only need a single photographer at your location, meaning social distancing is possible even in the tightest of spaces. Masks are mandatory for all our teams, and we ask that our clients also wear masks whilst indoors.

What we’re doing on all shoots –

  • Mask wearing is mandatory for all our photographers
  • We maintain a safe distance between all people present at the shoot
  • We regularly use hand sanitisers
  • We wipe down all equipment after each shoot
  • We perform lateral flow tests before each shoot, and can also do these whilst arriving at your location if required

What we ask of our clients –

  • We ask that all staff members present wear a face covering
  • We ask that a safe distance is kept between client and photographer
  • We ask that all pre-shoot preparation is carried out beforehand, ensuring that whilst onsite we keep contact with items and objects to a minimum

Virtual tours are still the very best way of showcasing your location to the widest possible audience safely, from their own home.

During COVID-19 we have shot at several high risk industries, all whilst following the very tightest restrictions.

  • Care Homes
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories (including being chosen to shoot at the Oxford Vaccine Lab during COVID-19 vaccine development)
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

One of our photographers pictured in a number of PPE styles!

What our clients think

Read what Dr Sean Elias from the Oxford Vaccine Group thought about our project with them during COVID-19.

We used 360 Virtual Tours to create a virtual tour of our academic institute/laboratories for public engagement purposes. The process and costs were very clear and the end product was exactly as expected, on time and high quality. I would use them again and recommend them for others in the scientific industry or academia.

Dr Sean Elias
University of Oxford