B&Q – Step Inside Real Customer Kitchens


Sometimes the simplest of briefs give the most rewarding results. Our brief for B&Q’s campaign to showcase real customer kitchens was as straightforward as they come. A single 360 scene, shot from a position that highlights the kitchen’s features and expertly edited to give crisp, clean results. All wrapped up in a branded interface with non-obtrusive controls.

Each shoot was completed with little to no disruption to the crew at each home, who were also capturing a selection of still imagery and video interviews. Each kitchen was cleared of branded appliances and any items that could distract from the final tour. Once shot, the 360 virtual tour scenes were edited to remove any reflections of equipment such as tripods and cameras and any personal imagery was either removed or blurred. We built a simple interface using B&Q branding colours and the B&Q font in line with their corporate guidelines. In most cases, the finished scenes were provided within 24-48 hours of each shoot taking place.

B&Q editing example for virtual tours
Tripod reflections removed from surfaces for the final virtual tour

The end results give a fantastic view into kitchens in real customer homes. Below you’ll see inside Chris and Anna’s B&Q fitted kitchen and you can read more about it here, on the B&Q website.