Bondhu Chula Stoves 360 Video, Bangladesh


Climate Impact Partners works to reduce the effects of climate change by funding and developing projects all over the world. They do this by selling carbon credits to organisations who can then offset their own carbon footprints whilst helping to fund local initiatives in such places as Kenya, Guatemala and Bangladesh.

Climate Impact Partners came to us wanting to provide a unique way to show both current and future clients the work that goes on around the world. Rather than regular imagery and standard video, they wanted a solution to really capture the environments, placing the viewer inside each project to get an almost first hand look at the issues in question and how the projects help to combat these.

We spent over a year visiting Guatemala, Kenya, Bangladesh and, India, ultimately creating 9 individual 360 videos covering key projects in each country. In total, we shot over 8 hours of 360 footage that was edited into 4-5 minutes of footage per project video.

Our project in Bangladesh focused on Bondhu Chula Stoves. Less than 20% of the population of Bangladesh have access to clean cooking methods, with most using open fire-pits that release smoke and particulates into the air. The Bondhu Chula, meaning ‘friendly stove’, is a cleaner and more efficient method of home cooking, helping to improve the health of communities and also provide new opportunities for the ‘micro-entrepreneurs’ who provide sales and servicing of the stoves throughout Bangladesh.

During our immersive four-day expedition across Bangladesh with the Climate Impact team, we journeyed through diverse landscapes, setting up state-of-the-art 360-degree video and 360 sound recording equipment at manufacturing sites and communities using the stoves. This allowed us to capture vibrant and varied scenes, creating a rich tapestry of experiences to review upon our return to the UK. Working with Climate Impact, we then edited the footage into the final 360 video you can see below.

It was my job to find a new and innovative way to tell the story of our projects and thanks to Matthew and our new 360 Videos, I’d say we have raised the bar to an entirely new level – I’m thrilled to see the idea come to life so well. We needed a way for our clients and colleagues to feel like they can visit a project location themselves, albeit remotely, to immerse in the sights, sounds, and story of the project. After researching a few different video storytelling options, none of which felt original or exciting, we came across 360 Video and felt it was the perfect way to replicate a project site visit for clients. We met with a few different 360 Video providers before deciding to work with Matthew and his team and we are so glad we chose him; it has been a great experience.

Tucker Marsano
Climate Impact Partners