Airbus Wing Integration Centre 360 Virtual Tour

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The Advanced Wing Integration Centre (AWIC), situated at Airbus Filton, is a new €45 million research centre for large structural parts seen on todays modern Airbus aircraft. The building houses research laboratories, equipment rooms for testing new technologies and 2 impressive strong walls, capable of holding the weight of 240 cars or a single aircraft wing.

We were tasked with producing an interactive 360 virtual tour highlighting key areas for their launch event taking place during June 2021. We photographed 15 scenes throughout the building adding interactive information points, videos and still imagery describing the processes and equipment responsible for some of the most advanced designs in the commercial aircraft industry. The virtual tour was sent out with press releases to media and industry experts throughout the world.

When you’re next flying on an Airbus aircraft it’s likely that the technology behind many of the aircraft parts were developed by engineers at this very facility!