360 Video for Land Rover Experience


360 video is fast becoming mainstream here in the UK. Companies are using this new medium to showcase a range of experiences from skydiving to helicopter rides. When combined with VR headsets they give a unique and un-matched viewing experience.

We’ve recently been working with our own 360 rig, consisting of 7 GoPro recorders arranged to cover the complete 360 view. Land Rover Experience Cheshire have been our first UK based clients and we spent an afternoon collecting a number of recordings from the cross country courses. Our rig was attached to the front of the Land Rover Defender with our suction cup mount, providing both a stable and interesting view for the 360.

Below you’ll find one of the videos shot on their Defender course. We have a few more videos in production for them which we hope to have released over the next few weeks.  The videos can be produced up to 4K quality, perfect for VR headsets. Our example below has been scaled down for better streaming speeds.