Taking your location on the road - Virtual tours for Google Cardboard VR headsets.


Virtual Reality is fast becoming a big part of new media with Google Cardboard headsets bringing this form of 360 viewing to the masses.

Our 360 virtual tours can be designed for use in VR headsets, bringing interactive viewing to your target market at events and in their home.

We can supply branded and un-branded Google Cardboard headsets for displaying our 360 work, perfect for showcasing your experiences at roadshows and events. We can shoot, process and supply your interactive content and provide support with our own technology and headsets.

Trade Shows

Use custom branded Google Cardboard headsets to display a tour of your location on stand, then give away the branded headset as a unique promotional gift.

Mobile Sales Tool

Hand over a VR headset when out on sales meetings and show the customer your venue tour, a great way of increasing awareness and building trust during the sales process.


Use headsets to help during training sessions where access to a location isn't possible due to health and safety constraints.

How do VR headsets work?

VR headsets allow you to view your 360 virtual tours in true VR form, by projecting the images onto your eyes creating a very real feeling of 'being there'. The tours are split into 2 separate feeds, one into each eye.

Google Cardboard
Google Cardboard VR Headsets work in a similar way to more expensive headsets, although the quality is slightly less due to the different build. The Cardboard headsets are exactly that, made from cardboard that come flat packed or partially constructed. By inserting your smart phone and visiting your tours specific web page, the user is transformed to your location in complete virtual reality. Their low cost and ability to custom brand make them the perfect give-away.

Custom Branded VR Headsets

We can supply custom branded Google Cardboard VR headsets from as little as £10, the perfect PR tool for increasing your locations exposure whilst giving your clients or customers something that can be used over and over again. Ask us about this service when enquiring about your project to find out more.

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